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Flight Attendant is not that easy*

This is my first entry here in WordPress. I’ve been away from writing blogs/diaries for long long time since high school. Time to begin the new chapter.

Today, January 8, 2011, I’m in Kualalumpur, sitting on my bed in Subang Avenue, and typing. It’s the 20th day in KL and the 39th day, from 52 days total, of the training to be a flight attendant.

For some girls, who long to be a flight attendant, may find it’s so difficult to pass through all stages of the interview. Some may have to pay more than fifty thousands to take courses from crew schools. Some may try and try many times to apply for this position(I know one girl that has applied about 30 times). Some even have a plastic surgery to make them more beautiful. What’s that all for? I’ll take about that later.

After passing recruitment, it’s a training. This is why I’m saying it’s not easy. I’ve applied for this job unintentionally, just because I just resigned from my previous job and have nothing to do. And I think being a flight attendant is not that bad. I had no stress at all in the first round. Of course, I passed it easily. They called and asked me to go for the second round. And again, I passed it.

In the final round, I was really pressured. At first I think it must be okay, just like the other rounds, but I was wrong. The judges were pushing pressure on me, sarcastic a lot, and also commented on my appearance. It’s the first time I totally lost my confidence! However, I passed, and they asked me to sign a contract and begin the training.

So, you see? It’s easy for me to have a position “Flight Attendant”.

But, but, but, that’s not all yet!

The training includes

  • Aviation knowledge – not as much as pilots are required to know but I have to know either how the aircraft is functioned
  • Safety – to prepare for emergency and how to many those situation. How to make every flights is safe from all kind of troubles (securities and safety) – so now I’m learning to be a security guard
  • Customer Service – how to have excellent service – this is just like a PR – to make customers feel good and perceive good image of the company
  • In flight operation – to serve passengers’ need and keep cabin clean- now I’m a maid of course!
  • First Aid – emergency can happen all the time so we have to know how to cope with it – now I’m learning to be a nurse
  • Announcement – to have an excellent announcement on board – not to annoy passengers – I’m a speaker
  • Dangerous goods – to be aware of those dangerous thing – like a police dog lol
  • Fire fighter – I’m a fire fighter
  • etc.

These are just only some parts. That’s why I’m saying “IT’S NOT THAT EASY” even I can pass all interview easily. Phew..

Just like one of my friend said “If anyone said a flight attendant is stupid, only smiling and have no brain like beauty queens, I’ll put a manual into his mouth!!” (p.s. the manual is weight >5kg)

So, before you decide to be an FA, make sure you can handle emergency and ready to accept all new stories into your life. And this is the only chance to have many jobs in one time!